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I'm Summer - 
Get to know my Stylish Heart...

I've always loved clothes and fashion. From an early age, I was curious about materials, patterns, silhouettes, colors, accessories, etc.! My Barbies & baby dolls were my first clients. Then, as I grew, my friends came to me to style them. And now, I have my own family I love to dress. But I also struggled in my style journey. For a few years, especially when my children were younger, I couldn't break out of what I called my "mom uniform.” You know—black yoga pants or leggings and whatever t-shirt was stain-free and smelled fresh. I was dressing for quickness and convenience instead of investing a little bit of time and attention in my personal style.


I certainly missed the days of feeling pulled together. So one day, as I was scrolling social media (probably nursing a baby or in the carpool line), I found a wardrobe stylist who resonated with me. "Finally,” I thought! A real woman talking about real life and how to make style part of it. It was such a refreshing point of view....yes, I can be both stylish and practical for my season of life. I was hooked. I so enjoyed following this fashion maven and gaining my sense of style back.

In the spring of 2018, with my style sense returning, I felt confident enough to start my own accessories business. That opportunity led to great joy helping women find the “perfect piece” to finish their look. But it also revealed that I enjoyed the whole journey of a woman discovering that when she thought she looked good, she felt good...and went out into the world and did good. I knew I desired to play a bigger part in her style puzzle instead of only offering the “finishing touches" with accessories.

Gold PLJ.jpg

So remember the wardrobe stylist I mentioned? Well, she now runs a Stylist Certification program. I'm happy to say I completed my certification in November of 2022!! I've learned so much and now I'm ready to help other women reduce stress, find joy, and gain confidence in their personal style journey. Just like she did for me....

And this is how Stylish Heart was born. I have a heart for style. I have a heart for women. I have a heart for good. I welcome you to follow me along in my journey so I may help you with yours! 


PS - I think Barbie would approve.

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